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Sep 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
taking real, tangible progress towards our goal of becoming the safest utility in the united states. >> reporter: whenever there's a major loss of gas line pressure, one person will be in command while other team members will have specific duties. 911 will be notified immediately and there will be constant troubleshooting as well as periodic drills. >> we'll be able to respond as effectively as possible. >> reporter: but the utility reform network says that's just talk. >> the troubling thing is we only find out how effective an emergency response system is when there's an emergency. there is no other way to know. >> reporter: pg&e says it now has solid records on all pipelines and has verified pressure safety factors in 2,000 miles of pipe. >> a lot of pg&e pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced. >> reporter: and that $5 to $10 billion bill. >>> the president was set to speak to as many as 74,000 people in an outdoor stadium in charlotte, north carolina, but with severe thunderstorms in the forecast, the speech is being moved inside the convention center where the rest of the nominating eve
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and attempted to rob a third. these are photographs from surveillance video of him from the united states bank on lincoln avenue.united states bank in sunnyvale. in both cases the man entered the bank, demanded money and then left running the stolen cash. >> employees a company specializes in security for mobile devices have found a flaw that could let some ride muni for free. they have found a way to undermine the limited use paper fare card and restore values without paying. the men found problem was transit systems in san francisco, new york and new jersey and then told the transit agencies. if. > new, sal live in oakland with the new rules of the road when it comes to driverless cars. >> reporter: imagine a rush hour without traffic or a car that could drive you home, it could be driving me around now as i do this report. that's -- the idea one step closer to reality today. perhaps the -- the governor arrived today in aself driven car. he then went inside and signed a law clearing the way for driverless cars to hit the road. >> another step forward. in this long march in califo
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
than a dozen united states servicemen and women are making their voices heard. they claim they were assaulted or, raped and harassed by current and former members of the military. new, we talked to some of the service members today after they filed a lawsuit in federal court. >> reporter: the purpose of this lawsuit is to protect future military recruits. so for the first time more than a dozen alleged victims are speaking out. >> i have been alone and i have been quiet. >> reporter: today she is coming forward with a message for other military victims. >> i know it's really hard to speak up especially if you are still in the military. but you aren't alone and we are fighting for you. . >> reporter: she is joining 18 others in a federal lawsuit filed in san francisco today against the current and former united states defense secretaries and the secretary of the army and air force. they claim the high ranking officials knew about at assault problem in the military and didn't do enough to prosecute the attackers or stop revenge. him all endured strikingly similar patterns of revenge a
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
united states today. full military honor was given to him and the three killed in the attack on the embassy in libya. this as protests continue to spread across the middle east and northern africa fueled by fury over the anti islamic movie done in california. tonight the military is sending a team of marines to sudan after an angry mob attacked the embassies. this video shows at tack on the germany embassy for 5,000 men were rioting before knocking down the gates and getting inside the compound. at least three people died in similar riots outside the united states embassy. like with the welcome home for the ambassador and the three americans killed on 9/11 >> reporter: they are four men the president called patriotic, who served when called upon. one casket at a time. four americans brought back to their home soil awaiting their families, their president. >> they had a mission. they believed in it. they knew the danger, they accepted it. >> reporter: the transfer of remain ceremony was quiet but patriotic as the four were honored including chris stevens. >> laid down his life for hi
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
271. >>> cupertino has bragging rights, one of the best small cities in the united states. ranked 27 out of 100. they look at job growth, school districts and low crime. four other california cities made the list. cupertino is where apple is based and today apple unveiled the iphone 5 and coming up, we will tell you which rumors proved true about the iphone 5. >>> supporters of a new sales tax measure were busy today. supporters handed out information. it would extend an existing half cent sales tax and increase it by another half cent and it would raise money for transit projects. >> investments to repair highways, streets, transit, seniors with disabilities, extensions on bart and improves to communities. >> opponents call it a tax increase without any expiration date. >>> today speaker of the house john area -- governor jerry brown signed into law -- >> the biggest pension reform law ever. >> it will increase the retirement age for new state employees and cap annual payments at $132,000 and it ends a number of abuses of the system. some say it will save the state $64 billion over
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
united states. 13% said all should be deported. when asked whether they should be given driver licenses, 40% said yes. >>> the company will move to 815 market street near the old navy store. san francisco has been pushing for a revitalization of the area. it should open next summer. >>> after two months, yahoo's new ceo is implementing major changes. she told employees this week that company decisions on which products to ship will now be based on three criteria. it must ship in six months, reach 100 million users and generate $100 million. >>> leaders rill be on hand for a ceremony tomorrow -- will be on hand for the ceremony tomorrow for the bart extension to san jose. san jose congressman mike honda is expected to tend long with officials. bart and university of california at berkeley have teamed up to increase seismic safety on trains. new technology will allow bart trains to automatic slow down up to a minute before the ground starts shaking in an earthquake. they will slow down from 70 miles per hour to 26 miles per hour. >>> dozens of parents packed in to a library after
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6